Contact with Camp Nord
camp nord
Contact Camp Nord
Contact details
Morska 18a
75-221 Koszalin
PL 669 - 251 - 05 - 29
Bank account no
Account number PLN
Santander Bank Polska S.A.
96 1910 1048 2271 0405 6939 0001
Account number EUR
Santander Bank Polska S.A. IBAN PL
69 1910 1048 2271 0405 6939 0002
Practical information

Every Camp Nord training starts at 8:00.     

Trainees are required to bring their own Personal Protective Equipment (helmet, harness, work shoes, gloves) and clothes adapted to the weather conditions.         

windhunter_academy provides the students with a warm lunch during the training break, as well as unlimited hot and cold drinks.

We recommend accommodation, where mention th slogan "I am a windhunter academy student" should receive a discount:

Hotel Verde
Pokoje Gościnne Koszalin
Hotel 5a

To get a valid certification you have to get a personal WINDA ID. Please register on the GWO WINDA platform and provide us with WINDA ID

Camp Nord map
Contact with Camp Bernau
camp bernau
Contact Camp Bernau
Contact details
windhunter academy training & study camp
Wandlitzer Chaussee 41
16321 Bernau, Deutschland
Practical information

Please arrive at the BIZWA premises in building 9 room 9131 at 08:30.

The trainers are required to take courses with their own personal protective equipment (helmet, belt, safety shoes, gloves) and outdoor work clothes.

windhunter academy takes care of catering for course participants during courses, hot and cold drinks

To obtain a valid certificate, you need a personal WINDA ID. Please register on the GWO WINDA platform and forward your WINDA ID to us!

Camp Bernau map